Saturday, 14 January 2012

@Sean @Katy Check In!

Hey guys! I just want to know what your currently up to.

Katy: Remember these two characters aren't the most important! Just keep em basic and let me know how it's been going.

Sean: Have you finished the facility because I need it TODAY so I can animate it tomorrow (Sunday). If it isn't finished then put it in the drop box tonight and I'll finish it. There's no more time I'm afraid so put it in the dropbox tonight, finished or not.

ALSO! Are we all happy with the plain grey backgrounds? I thought it made the scenes look really staged as if they've been bunged together in a rubbish back lot somewhere, but be honest and let me know!

Please leave a comment at the bottom so I know you've seen this post too!

We're almost there guys, we can do it! :D


  1. I will have the male character hopefully rigged today. So you just want an upper body of the female? Is she to be rigged as well or shall I just rig the arms if she is just going to be in a screaming pose.

  2. That's great and yeah that's all she needs! She's literally just being our screaming woman in the trailer so don't give yourself more work than necessary :P

  3. Ok, I Have just finished the male and putting it in the drop box now