Tuesday, 17 January 2012

@Sean, a Job for You!

I need you to make a post on here of all the concept art, images of test renders and any other development images we've posted on here so we can start making our 'art of'. I want them in one massive post so we can pick and choose what we want to show so it saves time later!

Reply with a comment so I know you've seen this please :P


  1. If it helps I can put all my pictures into the drop box, that way they will be of better quality than the small images on the blog. Also all in one place.

  2. I think that would be a great idea! Do that if you can Katy :P

  3. Im guessing you need the concept art and stuff, but you want all images from this blog in one post too?!

    What exactly do you mean?

  4. It's not complicated Sean. All the pictures we have made ourselves, not including reference/research from the internet, in one post so when someone makes the 'Art of' it's really easy for them to get the pictures they need.