Monday, 16 January 2012

@Katy @Sean What's Next! *Updated*

Come on now you two, where have you gone? I set this post up yesterday afternoon and I'll keep updating until I get replies!

I've pretty much finished the animating, renderring and putting the trailer together, so the first draft will be up by today (16th)

Katy & Sean we need some drafts of a poster, DVD case and disc, so can you both get some rough ideas started and post them up by tonight? (16th) Remember, they need to fit the style of a 1950's horror film poster as well as our own animation's style.

Let me know what you reckon and if you need screenshots too!


  1. I'm coming in Tuesday to do the poster, I'm trying to get other things done as well.

  2. Ill make some posters screenshots