Sunday, 1 January 2012

Panther Monster Finished Texture

Render Tests

Wire Frame

Toon Layer

UV Maps

UV Out

Colour UV

Bump UV

Ambient UV




  1. Well done, Katy - keep it coming! You're working really well, and I know it can be difficult to motivate after Christmas, but the end is sight and Night Of The Monsters is going to look very unique - so onwards and upwards!

  2. This is great Katy, keep it up! I really love the patterns you've used too! One question quick, the eye looks like it disappears a little, is that due to its texturing?

    I'm gonna upload some images of what I've been working on tonight so you can let me know what you think! Don't give up Katy! You're doing great :D

  3. I think its the angle of the render, it looks better when its smoothed and possible when it will be in an environment with lighting effects. Maybe a glow to the eyes could be added later when its in one of the scenes.

  4. Ah that's cool, don't worry about it now! You just keep doing what you're doing :P