Monday, 9 January 2012

@Katy @Sean Scene Feeback & Meeting Tomorrow!

Hey guys! I just wanted you to pop some feedback on this post on the scenes I've done so far. If they're all fine then let me know that too, but now is the time for tweaking if you have any last minute recommendations.

Also! Katy, how's the character parenting going? Have you had help with it yet and if not when do you reckon you will?

Meeting Tomorrow! - I'll be in tomorrow from 10 so make sure you're in before 12 and we can talk about what we've all been doing and what happens next.

Bring all files in with you! 

  • So, Katy that's all your character work so far

  • Sean that's your Maya facility scene, I need you to load it up and show me what you've done so far.

No excuses now guys! I think we can get this done as long as we all stay positive and keep working! :)

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  1. I am hoping to get help on the rigging tomorrow