Saturday, 7 January 2012

@Katy @Sean To Do List!

Hey guys! I just wanted to type out what I think we each have left to do, you can give me feedback about whether I'm right or not:


  • Finish scenes: 
    • Lab
    • Trailer
    • Farm
    • Town
  • Animate
  • Model characters
    • Scientist
    • Generic male (Use a tweaked version of the scientist)
    • Generic female (Only need her from the waist up so tweak a previous model)
  • Rigging/parenting the characters.
  • Model the facility.
I know I didn't give you guys a big list, I'd rather you told me what roles you would rather have. It's mostly animation and post-production now. There's animating, rendering, and editing to be done, but let's see what you have to say and then where we are by Tuesday! :P

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