Monday, 31 October 2011

Church Concept 1...

Just thought I'd go for it and see what came out:



It's pretty rough so let me know what you think on the tone/style of it. It's still a work in progress so it can be changed a-plenty :D

Sunday, 30 October 2011

A Bit More Scientist...

This time I actually used some of the reference images we have for style:


Better but still generic and still evolving. Comments please! :D

Scientist Progress...

He's very generic at the moment as he's still a work in progress and I'm feeling a bit stale for inspiration, so feel free to tell me what works and what doesn't. Once I know what I'm aiming for he'll be much cleaner and more appealing but I'll work more on the style side of things as I go.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Pitch Presentation...

We'll have time to go over and tweak it tomorrow lunch time but I thought I'd put it up here anyway just in case you guys were still up :P

Pitch Presentation

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Animatic: Take One.

It's not perfect at all but it's an okay first attempt! :P

Panther Man

Just realised i painted it in a small document file which is why its a bit blurry when enlarged :(

Panther Monster Designs

@Sean, @Katy Blog Posts!

Hey you two! I know I've already spoken to Katy today but just as a reminder can you both make sure that any concepts you do today are up by 10pm tonight please? I can the storyboard, animatic and presentation done tonight but I need those concepts to add in.

Again, Katy, I know you've already done some great concept work so if you can do just a bit extra in case of emergency, that would be awesome.

Cheers guys!

First Few Storyboard Shots...



Sorry I haven't done more tonight, I didn't have much time when I got back. I went out of the lines in order to have extra space for camera movement in the animatic, I'll also go back and tidy them up tomorrow, I just wanted to put them up here to see what you guys reckon.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Panther Man

Did some doodles on the train as I said

Will do some more when I actually get a look at some panther pictures.

Pangolin Monster Designs

Monster Designs

These were done last week before the change of plan. They are just quick mock-ups, but just thought I'd post them anyway.

Catfish-Man!! oh and Squiddy ;p

Crocodile/Pangolin thing

Final Ideas...

It'll expand as the day goes on, so to make sure we don't forget what we're doing:

Three main monsters:
  • Murderer on deathrow that's been given to the scientist for experimentation.
    • He is spliced with the aggressive tiger fish.
    • He is murderous and extremely dangerous.
  • Soldier is doing his duty by volunteering for his country.
    • He is spliced with a sleek black jaguar.
    • He becomes agile and is more about survival than murder.
  • Man that pines for his lost family has volunteered for the experiments.
    • He's spliced with a defensive pangolin.
    • He retains a sadness and longing for a family, he's more about defense and evasion than conflict.
Money Shot:
  • The power is cut and on top of the town church is the roaring tiger fish man.
    • Either: alone/ with the two monsters either side of him in varying poses/ with the jaguar man on the side of the church and the pangolin man hiding underneath.

Sean - Draw rough concepts for Military Jaguar and Sad Pangolin Man.

Katy - Pangolin man concepts and refined tiger fish man work.

Molly - Tidy storyboard and animatic.

Monday, 24 October 2011

More Monster Designs

This is a worm hybrid of these animals;
Planarian worm, which can regenerate any part of its body
Mantis, good at camouflage
Giant Polychaete worm, can get quite big for a worm at 4 ft long and is destructive
Stag Beetle, very strong and armoured

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Monster Ideas

Here are some animals that would be good to hybridize.

Regenerating lost limbs;



Glass lizard

Great camouflage; 

Leaf insect


Flower mantis


Flying animals. Insects would make better monsters than birds as they are more creepy;

Hover fly

Giant hornet


'Tarantula' Trailer.

This is pretty much the trailer we need to make. It's the same theme as ours and even the same characters so I reckon we should take shots from this and adapt them to whatever monsters we decide to make.  I'll try and get a load of silhouettes and combinations up here tomorrow as we really need to kick this into gear to get an animatic and character/monster concepts ready for Thursday.

Friday, 21 October 2011

Notes from Thursday 20th.

Okay here are the basics from our meeting with Alan yesterday:

  • Style-wise the fifties illustration is a good idea. Alan said that, that style on a monster could create something quite naive and unique and that naivety is key as it's a mix of the illustration style and the fun simplicity of the Scooby Do monsters.
  • As for our storyboard, it's a good structure but we need a money shot, a clip in there that suggests that the chaos caused in the town has really escalated to a serious level (like King Kong on top of the empire state building). Also, we need to look at the lab scenes in Tarantula as that will basically give us what we need shot-wise.
  • To determine the money shot we need to decide on our monster.  Alan suggested that the monster can be a mix of two or more creatures as this will allow for the monster to have unique and scary instincts. No matter what we decide, the one the monsters will have is the desire to escape and survive.
  • These instincts, such as a spider's to get food for its home and secure it there, need to prey on people's fears. When something is on the ground they can normally deal with it but if it can fly then it's something much scarier. Maybe we could include an aspect of flight in there, or maybe the creature is just so nimble that it can get around almost like it's flying?
  • Traits that the monster could have is regeneration (perhaps from a newt or lizard that can regrow its tail), flight or extreme agility; basically it could be made from primordial soup allowing it to have pretty much anything.
  •  To save on modelling we can just make lots of the same creature, so whatever mixed crazy hybrid we come up with will be basically duplicated with maybe minor differences. Also, there needs to be a leader, we can always indicate this by it being the biggest one.
Film examples:
  • The Thing That Came From Outer Space:
    • This is people in a small community being attacked by a monster from the outside
  • The Mist:
    • The aliens are all hybridised creatures. One of them is an alien spider that has acidic webs.
  • Tarantula:
    • Science gone wrong.
  • Frankenstein:
    • Starts off fairly small and weak and then escalates to murder and at one point ends up fighting Godzilla.
Basically, we need to get up drawings and ideas for the monster combinations. I quite like the flight idea, it could have the same effect as Hitchock's The Birds and the money shot could be something like the heroes all end up outside but unbeknownst to them, all of the monsters are on the rooftops watching them.

I think that to have lots of smaller monsters with one larger leader would work well, having a swarm of them so they could really look like a threat to our heroes might be the best money shot (there's no Empire State building in small Texan towns so maybe multiples are better than one :P)

Anyway, comment on here, let me know your thoughts and basically start thinking animal combinations: what would they do and why would it be creepy. :P

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

B Movie monsters

These guys are what I was referring to in terms of B movie style monsters, I think Scooby Doo was good at these kinds of monsters (which work fine in a cartoon). They kind of remind me of Cronenbergs Fly.

Fish monster

Another fish from the bottomless lake

Dinosaur monster

Giant Mantis

Snake Demon