Sunday, 9 October 2011

Notes from Thursday.

Sorry for all the delays, I'm not managing my time very well at the moment, but anyway! Here are the important notes made from Thursday:

Meeting with Katy:
  • Scientist character:
    • Late 50's.
    • Very intelligent and obsessed with his work. His good intentions have lead his experiments to get out of hand ad escape into the local town.
    • Despite everything they do, he is still attached to his creations.
  • Female Assistant Character:
    • Mid 30's, attractive.
    • Intelligent and mild-mannered but a little clumsy.
    • She adores the scientist and does everything for him.
    • Mainly just a love interest/damsel in distress for the soldier character.
  • Soldier Hero:
    • Mid 30's, attractive.
    • Brave and smart, a good leader during the chaos.
    • He's there to be the hero, the moral compass and the anti-science character.
  • Extra characters:
    • Shop owner:
      • Owns the local store
    • Policeman.
      • There to chase the robber and help the town when the monsters turn up.
    • Robber.
      • Robs the local store.
    • Trailer couple.
      • Cannon fodder really.
    • Farmer: 
      • Livestock get eaten and reports the monsters.
  • There was also a lot of scenes we mocked up:
    • Military base with secret activities.
    • Monsters escape the facility and run across into the small local town.
    • On the way they kill a farmers livestock and maim/kill one or both of the trailer couple.
    • These incidents are reported but not believed.
    • Meanwhile, the robbery occurs and the policeman chases after the robber.
    • When he catches up with him he finds him already killed.
    • Here the hero, scientist and assistant will turn up and the hero will tell everyone to get to a safe place.
    • The hero and the policeman will then run off and save the town.
Meeting with Alan:
  • The general plot is fine.
  • It's now set in 1959 so it can be a real last hurrah for the genre as Dracula pops up again after this. There are still black and white films here but there is also a possibility of colour depending on what budget we want to give ourselves.
  • It'll be in Texas where there's a vast amount of empty land that anything can be happening on. Plus, Texas is a strange place too.
  • We need to decide on a style. It should be born from the 1950's, probably mid-late 50's as that's when our film is set.
  • We also need to work out how we can limit our production.  There's a lot of extra characters and scenes we've planned but do we actually have to see all of them? Can we use stylised silhouettes and shadows to show things? We could even model just one monster to show but have the shadows/silhouettes of the other two to save us on modelling the 3 monsters and the 3 main characters.
I've finally finished going through those books on 1950's design, and I've got some really cool ideas based on the shapes they used, so expect a big old post of lots of pictures soon :D

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