Friday, 7 October 2011

The Tarsier

Out of all the nocturnal animals out there, I feel the Tarsier will be a good choice to include in our story. Reason being is that not only are they nocturnal primates, I feel physical features like their huge eyes and head and long limbs could lend to the horror factor. They are also meat eaters and their vision is said to be "different" from other primates, so that could be interesting..

Let me know if  you dont agree and want me to pick something else


  1. The only problem with that is it's almost exactly the same appearance wise as the aye-aye, with very similar traits.

    It might be best if you look into something that's quite different to the two animals we're already looking into? I'm not sure, we'll see what Katy reckons too.

  2. alright then, how about a crocodile?

  3. Like Molly said its too similar to the Aye aye. It also looks too cute to be a monster. The crocodile is a much better choice