Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Final Ideas...

It'll expand as the day goes on, so to make sure we don't forget what we're doing:

Three main monsters:
  • Murderer on deathrow that's been given to the scientist for experimentation.
    • He is spliced with the aggressive tiger fish.
    • He is murderous and extremely dangerous.
  • Soldier is doing his duty by volunteering for his country.
    • He is spliced with a sleek black jaguar.
    • He becomes agile and is more about survival than murder.
  • Man that pines for his lost family has volunteered for the experiments.
    • He's spliced with a defensive pangolin.
    • He retains a sadness and longing for a family, he's more about defense and evasion than conflict.
Money Shot:
  • The power is cut and on top of the town church is the roaring tiger fish man.
    • Either: alone/ with the two monsters either side of him in varying poses/ with the jaguar man on the side of the church and the pangolin man hiding underneath.

Sean - Draw rough concepts for Military Jaguar and Sad Pangolin Man.

Katy - Pangolin man concepts and refined tiger fish man work.

Molly - Tidy storyboard and animatic.

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