Tuesday, 18 October 2011

New Storyboard Ideas...

Katy and I had a meeting and this is what we decided:
  • Open with text warning about the horror of the film you're about to watch. 10 seconds
  • Scene of scientist working with three labelled beakers of the animals DNA/blood and then cuts to a close up of him putting it in a syringe. 10 seconds
  • Text/voiceover warning that it all goes horribly wrong. 5 seconds
  • Scene of destroyed lab with a few things still rolling around; the shadows of the monsters rush across the scene. 5 seconds
  • Sirens start playing and we now see the perimeter fence pulled open by the monsters.
    • Camera raises and revelas the lit-up town in the distance. 10 seconds
  • Cut to sequences of attacks:
    • Dead sheep in the field (maybe a monster shadow). 5 seconds
    • Robber is attacked down an alley (shadows against the wall) 10 seconds
    • Trailer rocking with shadows inside and screams/monster noises. 8 seconds
    • Monster swipes at the person's silhouette. 5 seconds
    • Monsters eyes beam out from under a house or similar. 5 seconds
  • Hero cocking his gun, ready to take them on.
  • Text pops up saying something like: "Could you face the horror that lurks in the dark?"

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