Thursday, 29 December 2011

@Sean Work Progress.

I just want to clear up what you've actually done so far, modelling-wise.

You were given the job of modelling the facility and town/alley. Forgetting your concept work because I know that's all fine and done now, what actual modelling have you done? I need to know so I can make sure it's finished before we go back to uni.

I know you said you're away this weekend but just let me know quick so I can work out what comes next. Thanks Sean!


  1. Sorry i'm away for the whole new year. I haven't started modeling yet, only fiddled with the texture options to no avail, but I plan to start with the town first since the lab is done? Its been a hectic christmas but I will be back around the 4th I believe.

  2. Okay Sean, I think you should take the facility and I'll start work on the town. I need you to get that modelled before we go back because I wanted to have started animating by then!

    I know you've been busy, I have too, but I need it done or we won't get the work finished. Tell me honestly if you can't get it done before we go back to uni because I know I can. I will take it from you if you don't think that's enough time for you to do it in. Let me know as soon as possible please Sean!