Wednesday, 21 December 2011

@Katy @ Sean!

Just replying to your previous comments:

Katy: If you can't get help from Alan or go into uni then continue making the character models and do the joints like you have done, then send me them when they're finished and I'll try parenting them up. Let me know whether you get a reply or not, just keep modelling for now!

Sean: I think we don't need to worry about what time of day the concept art is as long as it's done. If you do need help then the clue is in the film title :P. Just start on the modelling of the town and the facility because we can't animate concept art sadly.

I know it's hard and we're all stressed but just keep posting when you have problems guys, because we don't have enough time to sit on them anymore. Keep going though! I'll be back and modelling on Friday, I look forward to hearing how the next couple of days go!

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