Wednesday, 7 December 2011

@Katy @Sean. Checking in!

Hey guys! I just wanted to make a post checking on what you're currently up to and so we all know what our jobs are.

I'm currently having a go at modelling the lab based on Sean's image and even though it's not great I'll put some images up so you can see it soon..

Sean: You need to do the town concept in illustrator if you haven't already and put it up as sooon as you can, and then start on modelling it and the facility.

Katy: How are those texture tests going? Have you got some to put up yet? You need to keep playing with that until we have something to use and start modelling the characters when you can.

Okay we've got A LOT to do in the next few weeks so don't let it slip everyone! I want posts of everything you do, even if something's in progress because we need to know who's doing what and I look forward to seeing what you get done over the next few days! :P

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