Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Checking In!

Hello you two!

Fantastic looking work so far from both of you!

Katy: I love your model and that you've started rigging it too! It's going to look great when it starts moving! :D Keep at it and I look forward to seeing the next characters too! :P

Sean: Great concepts! They're exactly what we're after! If you're still stuck on how we texture them in Maya then just use different toned surface shaders on the models, but to add the toon shader outline load up the Rendering options, go to Toon>Toon Outline>Assign new outline (I think those are the right instructions anyway). Fiddle with the settings until you find something you like but if you get super stuck just make another post.

Keep it up guys! It's not long until I'm back to start building things again and hopefully it won't take long to do but just so you know, I'm happy to do the animation if you guys have other things to be getting on with. We'll talk more about that later though, for now: DON'T GIVE UP! :)


  1. Hey I am really struggling with this, I dont know how to rig this. Is the University still open as I am going to need to get help with this?

  2. It is, but I don't know if you need permission from Alan or Phil to go in. Put a post on the group blog if you haven't already found out!

  3. Also! Just move on to modelling the other characters if you're super stuck so you don't lose too much time. :)

  4. I have put a post up for help, see how it goes. If I cant come in, will have to wait until we go back in. This has been driving me insane trying to do this rigging as well as the rigging tutorials (been trying to figure it out for the past two days). Will start on the other two and get them modeled and textured.

  5. Thanks Molly.

    About the town concept, is it meant to be set in the day time or night time. It kinda dawned on me while I was doing it but I just kept it in daylight. If its meant to be night time then i can tweak it.