Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Some Useful Research...

We haven't had a chance to really discuss any of the posts here but as I quite liek the idea of using the aye-aye as our hybrid I thought I'd do a little research on it. The description below is quite a nice example of why it would be a good animal to use:

"The rest of the animal is an extraordinary compilation of features that look like they have come from other animals. The head is equipped with large dish-like ears that can be rotated independently, capable of picking up the slightest sound at night. The front incisor teeth grow continuously, rather like a squirrel, so that they never wear down. The eyes are large and orange and the nose is pink. The fingers on the hands are all very long - and the middle finger especially so - it looks almost like a skeleton finger with skin stretched over the top. Quite an animal!

At night, it clambers around dead trees and taps the bark all over with its skinny middle finger. If the bark sounds hollow the aye aye stops and uses its supersensitive hearing to listen for the movements of insect grubs beneath the bark. When it hears something, it rips the bark up using its long, powerful front teeth and then uses that skinny middle finger to fish the grub out of its hole - rather like eating cheese on a cocktail stick. It also uses its sharp teeth to gnaw into coconuts and other seeds, again using the middle finger to scoop the soft insides out
." From Bristol Zoo's website here.

I made a few notes from the meeting we had with Alan last Thursday and here's the research that followed:

The Outer Limits:

A 1960's sci-fi tv show, below are links to the intro and to a video with a collection of the monsters from the series:
(Embedding had been disabled, sorry!)

Another 1960's sci-fi show, this time called The Twilight Zone. I couldn't find any particular monsters from it though but below is the intro:

Next is a film Alan recommeded called The Quatermass Experiment/The Creeping Unknown, in which a 3 men has gone into space but only one returns. He later turns into a monster and causes chaos, below is the link to the trailer:

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