Friday, 30 September 2011

Concepts relating to the story

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From what I gather of the story idea, it sounds a bit like a pre-dated version of what is called the "Grey goo" scenario.

Grey goo is a hypothetically scenario humans have predicted might happen to us if we were to advance our knowledge of nanotechnology and try and use it to our advantage. Eg. Using Molecular Nanotechnology to control or create new entities, biological or mechanical, starting at a molecular level (such as creating cells for use in medicine) and advancing to create self replicating robots (which we already have to an extent). The whole concept of this theory is that the "robots" will suddenly "malfunction" in one way or another and turn against us, wiping out the human race as a result.

Another example could be that molecular assembled plants, which are created no more efficient than today's natural solar cells, could out-compete real plants, thus crowding our planet with an inedible foliage.

What I'm getting at here is that we could maybe use this theory are reference material when expanding our ideas?

For Example, Deus Ex: Invisible War

Deus Ex: Invisible War, released in 2003

The Omar

Deus Ex: Invisible War involves a race called "The Omar" who's primary goal is to "create a trans human race through biomodification". The Omar are a group of Russian scientists who submitted themselves to radical biomodification in an attempt to survive the massive Russian famines following "The Collapse" (in the game, this caused the world to descend into a period of war and economic depression because of the actions of an individual known as JC Denton). They would do this by making modifications to their bodies, such as being able to withstand extreme temperatures on both ends of the scale, along with many other biomodifications (including the whole race sharing one conciousness). In the game they plan to further their enhancement knowledge by extracting heat resilient tissues from an alien subject called "Grey" to progress in their plans.


The Omar are an example of "test subjects mutating and breaking out of their bonds" in way. There are other films and games out there similar to this of course, just thought id pick this as an example of how we can forge ideas around such theories.


  1. Yeah I think this is kind of what we're looking at but on a much more basic scale. It's more like 'The Fly', 'Tarantula' or 'The Island of Dr. Moreau' but the general threat is still the same. Scientist binds human and animal genes but they develop faster than he planned and they then wreak all kinds of havoc on the people around them.

    What do you think about the idea of the monster cast? I quite like the idea of having either bits of things left over from the big monster, like a trail to it or having lots of weaker monsters that gradually escalate until the big bad at the end. Feel free to disagree if you prefer the other option! :D

  2. I also think its more simple. Animal DNA combined with human, The Fly for example. I think its all about that and the idea of the secret base in a small town. Im not sure on the big monster idea with lots of small ones. It sounds more complex. I do prefer the other option though.

  3. I'm not sure if complex would be the right word. It wouldn't necessarily have to be whole creatures, they could be sort of foetal or under-developed, maybe even just making silhouettes of them. I was just thinking that usually in B movies they'll have one big scary monster terrorising the place but I'm not sure, maybe having 2 or 3 equally scary things would actually work better. We shall have to see what Sean reckons too.

    If you read this Sean, feel free to start a new post if your bloggers still not letting you comment :P

  4. Yea I know what I said was a lot more complex then the idea, thats what I meant by a pre-dated version (as what I provided is based in the future). I just used this as an example, and to get my head around the task.

    I was also thinking about The Fly but wasnt sure if the general idea of it was the same..

    (p.s, commenting only seems to work when it wants :/ )