Friday, 30 September 2011

Meeting Notes...

Okay so here are the notes I've made from the meeting Katy and I had, as well as those from our group tutorial with Alan:

Meeting notes:

  • We established our story:
    • A scientist at an army base is conducting experiments on humans to try to give them traits from nocturnal animals.  Radioactive materials leaking overnight lead to the test subjects mutating and breaking out of their bonds.  They cause chaos at the facility and it's left to the lead male army hero to protect the scientist and his female assistant.  He eventually destroys all the creatures but there's (either) one left/an egg hidden away.
  • We decided to have a monster each, all hybrids of human and a nocturnal creature (aye-aye and tiger fish).
  • We'll have 3 main characters: The army man hero, the scientist and the female assistant.
  • Research: look into 1950's monster costumes, see how the monsters actually looked.

Alan's Tutorial:
  • Try to add some innocents into the mix.  If the story happens entirely on a military base then there's no real threat.
  • Have a few extra characters to assist in setting up the narrative. We can still have our 3 leads, but to have a few extra characters that we can set up to be killed later will have more of an impact.
  • The actual killings in the 1950's sci-fi horror films were never very gory.  Censorship was very strict so a lot of the violence would happen via silhouettes and shadows.  This is important to consider as ours is set in this period.
  • The monsters should go one of two ways: 
    • They should escalate with every discovery e.g. they first find a weak, dead monster, the next would be slightly more dangerous but maybe dying and it would escalate to the big, scary monster.
    • There should be only a couple of monsters but they are all equally scary.
  • Once we decide which characters we want to include we should write a cast list, including who the characters are, where they work, what they do. It doesn't have to be too long for the minor characters but it should tell us what we need to know.
  • Research: We should look into Hairy Man Road in Texas. Find out all the stories about what might've happened there, it could really benefit us when we finalise our story ideas.

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